Night School - SCHOOL
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Welcome to Night School

Learning and collaboration are at the heart of School.

That’s why we created Night School

Night School is a 24-hour brand hack. It brings our strategists and creatives together in a rapid ideation and prototyping session to solve brand problems, create solutions and get inspired within an abbreviated format.

If you want to rock the world, all you need is the right people & not enough time.

Some of our Night School Alumni

When is Night School the right solution for your brand?

A brand or product may have a bigger vision than its current budget, and needs a quick win to help them prove their model or idea.

In some situations, our partners aren’t sure how to hit immediate brand and sales goals or what/where the next big idea is coming from.

An organization may have the best idea and the right intention, but can not articulate them in ways that will put them on their own growth path.

Night School is a great way to go from thought to action quickly.

Night School can be a quick and easy way to dive deeper into an idea or campaign.

Night School creates earned-media-centric campaigns in social, digital and experiential.

Ready for Night School?