Oliver McAteer

Originally Posted

September 11, 2018

max lenderman school boulder purpose marketing


School’s sister agency, Partners + Napier, puts the U in p_urpose with their incredible #TheVoteNeedsU campaign.

Partners + Napier has launched a provocative campaign that spotlights a variety of hot-button issues that spark passionate debate on both sides of the aisle.
“This campaign is built on the insight that voting is one of the most personal things we can do,” said Pete VonDerLinn, executive creative director at Partners + Napier.

“Voting literally makes your opinions, values and beliefs count. So instead of simply reminding people to vote, which historically doesn’t get people to the polls, we’re centering the campaign around hot-button issues that will provoke Americans to pull levers in the voting booth on November 6 and truly affect change.”